How do I subscribe to my activities in Google Calendar/GCal?

Tactile CRM provides an iCal feed you can subscribe to in your favourite calendar application. These instructions show how to easily add your events to Google Calendar where they will be automatically kept up to date:

  1. Sign into Tactile CRM, visit your preferences, and under ‘External Access’ copy your ‘Calendar URL’, if you don’t already have one you can click the button to automatically generate it
    Find your iCal Feed
  2. In your Google Calendar simply click the add button (on the left hand side, under ‘Other Calendars’) and then the ‘Add by URL’ link
    Add a calendar to GCal
  3. In the pop up window, paste the calendar URL from (1), click ‘Add Calendar’ and you events will be pulled through to Google Calendar and kept up to date.
    Subscribe to your iCal Feed

Google Calendar does not currently deal with ‘ToDo Items’ so only events that are added in Tactile CRM will appear in Google Calendar

Google Calendar will periodically update with the latest changes from Tactile CRM, and events other people assign to you will also show up in your iCal feed/Google Calendar.

4 Responses to “How do I subscribe to my activities in Google Calendar/GCal?”

  1. Ed Cawthorne says:

    I have tried this and it works as described. However, Its usefulness is limited by the fact that you can’t invite your contact from TactileCRM to the event and you can’t add any notes. If it did this, I could use TactileCRM for all my meetings but with the benefit that I could link meetings to customers.


  2. jake says:

    Hi Ed,

    You can add notes against activities in Tactile CRM (this won’t be exported by iCal), and you can add a description to the activity that will be exported in the iCal feed. At the moment Tactile CRM doesn’t do invitations, but you might want to add it is a request at


  3. I have tried my best as described but fails every time. I don’t know what’s the trouble with it.


  4. george says:

    Please can you email and we can investigate for you.