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Bulk Adding Activities

Tactile CRM allows you to easily add ‘bulk’ items to records. Here we look at how to bulk add an activity against multiple opportunities


Bulk adding activities to Opportunities, Organisations and People is easy. Simply:

  1. Select the records you want the activity to be added against
  2. Choose ‘Add Activity’ from the dropdown that appears at the top
  3. Fill out the details of the activity
  4. Press Save

The activity will then be automatically saved against all the records.

How do I subscribe to my activities in Google Calendar/GCal?

Tactile CRM provides an iCal feed you can subscribe to in your favourite calendar application. These instructions show how to easily add your events to Google Calendar where they will be automatically kept up to date:

  1. Sign into Tactile CRM, visit your preferences, and under ‘External Access’ copy your ‘Calendar URL’, if you don’t already have one you can click the button to automatically generate it
    Find your iCal Feed
  2. In your Google Calendar simply click the add button (on the left hand side, under ‘Other Calendars’) and then the ‘Add by URL’ link
    Add a calendar to GCal
  3. In the pop up window, paste the calendar URL from (1), click ‘Add Calendar’ and you events will be pulled through to Google Calendar and kept up to date.
    Subscribe to your iCal Feed

Google Calendar does not currently deal with ‘ToDo Items’ so only events that are added in Tactile CRM will appear in Google Calendar

Google Calendar will periodically update with the latest changes from Tactile CRM, and events other people assign to you will also show up in your iCal feed/Google Calendar.

What are Activities?

Activities are an easy way to remember to get things done. You can add activities for yourself, or your colleagues and get notifications when they are due etc.

iCal export/How do I use activities with my favourite calendar application?

Tactile CRM offers a way for you to view your entire calendar, or individual events within your calendar application using the ical file format.

Individual activities can be downloaded as iCal files, simple by clicking on the ‘Download activity as an iCal File’ link within the activities box on each activity:


Subscribing to you entire activity feed is just as easy, simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on the preferences link in the top right of the screen
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Generate New Calendar Key’ button
  • Use the link it provides in your calendar application and get keep up to date with meetings and activities you have
  • You can even share the link with colleagues if you want them to be able to see what you are doing and when you have free time.

If you ever want to change the link, simply press the ‘Generate New Calendar Key’ button and the link will change. This can be useful if you think somebody has got your key that you don’t want to view you calendar anymore (say when a member of staff leaves).

How do email reminders work?

Early in the morning on days with activities due, you will get an email letting you know what needs doing. The email will also contain any overdue activities you might have. To make things even easier, we provide a link next to each one in the email so you can quickly view all the details.

How do email notifications work?

Notifications are automated and sent as follow:

  • If somebody adds a new task for you
  • If somebody edits a task assigned to you
  • If sombody completes (or marks as not-complete) a task assigned to you

How does the “Date” property work?

“Today” and “Tomorrow” are handy shortcuts that pre-fill the date field for you, while “choose a date” lets you enter any date you like. Activities can optionally be given a time, or left just as a date. Select ‘later’ for things that you know you need to do but are not time dependent.

How do I change the ‘Type’ options?

Anybody with an administrator account can go into the ‘Admin’ area and update/add activity types.