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Managing Multiple Contacts On Opportunities

Tactile CRM allows you to easily record multiple contacts against a single opportunity. This can be useful when you are working on an opportunity with a number of different people to try and win a deal.

Adding an additional contact


Adding a new contact against an opportunity is easy:

  1. Click the add link to open the ‘New Related Contact’ window
  2. Fill out the Role/Relationship (examples might be ‘Budget Holder’ or ‘Decision Make’, but you can choose what you want)
  3. Choose if you want to add a person or organisation and then start typing their name to find them in Tactile CRM
  4. Press ‘Save’ and the contact will be added

Deleting a contact


Deleting a contact is easy, simple hover over the contact you want to delete and press the ‘Delete’ link.

Keeping up to date with RSS feeds of updates in Tactile CRM

We have made it even easier to keep up with what is going on inside Tactile CRM by adding handy RSS feeds for the timeline on your dashboard. Just use the new ‘Subscribe button’:

New RSS/Feed Button

But that’s not all – as this was a feature suggested by our users we also added the feeds to each organisation, person, opportunity and activity within Tactile CRM!

A really simple sales tool with RSS – how it works

If you’ve not come across RSS before it’s a neat tool to keep up to date with ‘feeds’ or lists of information. There are lots of tools that will help you read RSS, including many of the popular web browsers.

What this means for you – well now you can keep up to date with the information you and your team are keeping within Tactile CRM without having to login. Simple click the handy ‘Subscribe’ button on your dashboard or wherever you see a timeline and you will be kept up to date with the information being entered, it’s a really simple sales tool to help you keep up to speed with what’s going on.

Deleting Users

Tactile CRM doesn’t allow you to directly delete a user so that you don’t lose the audit trail of work they have done. It does however allow you to disable a user so that they can no longer log in to the system and don’t count towards your user limit.

To do this, simply:

  1. Login to Tactile CRM as an admin user
  2. Visit the admin area and click on manage users
  3. Click on the user you wish to disable
  4. Click on the Disable button

The user will no no longer be able to login and won’t count towards your user limit. You can always re-enable them at a later date too if you need to.

Controlling Access to Contacts

Tactile CRM has a simple permissions system for controlling access to the contacts in your account. But to understand how the permissions system works, you must first understand how the different types of record are related to each other. Organisations, People, Opportunities and Activities are the four basic types of record, and the following diagram expresses the relationships between them:

Record types further down the stack pictured above may belong to any combination of types above them. For example, you can specify that an Opportunity relates to a particular Person and Organisation, or just a particular Person. An Activity could relate to an Opportunity, a Person, and Organisation, all three, etc.

If you would like to control access (that is, who can look at a record and who can edit it) to your data in Tactile CRM, you will need to make use of the permissions system present on Organisations. By default, when you create a new record in Tactile CRM it will be visible by all users in your account, and editable by the same:

Let’s say you have a small team of sales staff, whom you’ve given access to Tactile CRM, but you wouldn’t want to give permission to change any of your contact data. To implement such a restriction, you can use the ‘Access Permissions’ controls present on the New/Edit Organisation forms:

To restrict who has permission to edit this Organisation, you would either select the ‘Just Me’ option from ‘Read & Write Access’, or the ‘Select Users…’ option, then choose appropriately. Similarly, by removing a User’s ‘Read Access’, they will no longer be able to view the record. Bear in mind when selecting permissions that a User with write access will be given read access also.

Organisations are the only record type you can specify permissions for in Tactile CRM, but all items related to an Organisation will inherit its permissions.

Tactile CRM has a couple of features for making the editing of permission settings easier. The first is the ‘Change Access Permissions’ control, present when selecting multiple records from an index page:

This will allow you to change the permissions for a large number of Organisations at once.

The other feature is the ‘Default Permissions’ set of controls, found on the ‘User Permissions’ section of the admin panel. Using this page, you can choose what the default permission settings are for each User in your account, and whether they are fixed or not. User with fixed permissions cannot change them.

This can be useful for keeping two groups of users separate from each other. For example, you may have multiple teams responsible for inputting contact data into Tactile CRM, but you would like to keep each group’s data separate. By setting up the default permissions so that each group’s default read permissions do not allow the other group access, all Organisations and related records will be shown only to their respective groups.

Adding your business’ logo

Tactile CRM allows you to customise its appearance for your users, a process also known as ‘rebranding’. The controls available on the ‘Customise Appearance’ section of the admin panel will let you change the colours used by the website, and upload a logo to display on the login page.

To upload a logo, it’s first important to choose a suitable image. The logo area on the login page has a maximum height of 75 pixels, and a maximum width of 268 pixels. The image file you upload will be scaled to an appropriate size for you, but images which are wider than they are tall will scale better. We currently accept the JPEG, PNG, and GIF image formats, and your image file must be less than 2MB in size.

Once you have your image, select it via the prompt in the ‘Login Page’ panel on the right-hand side of the page:

Once uploaded, the image will be resized for you and displayed:

Your upload will now also have replaced the Tactile CRM logo on the login page:

Linking Contacts

Tactile CRM provides several ways to express relationships between your Organisations, People, Opportunities, and Activities. In some of the input forms in Tactile CRM, you may notice some fields have the text ‘Type to find’ in them:

These fields are for linking two things in Tactile CRM together. There are three ways they can be used.

The first, is when you are wanting to link to an existing record in Tactile CRM. For example, if you want to add a new Person to an existing Organisation, you can search for the Organisation by typing its name:

If any results are found, they will be displayed in a list under the input, with any you have recently viewed at the top of the list:

Clicking on any of these results will select it, and the field will change to show your selection. If you wish to cancel the selection, click on the ‘Clear’ link:

The second way is when you wish to create a new record when the form is submitted. For example, you are adding a new Person, and want to specify the Organisation they belong to, but neither are present in your system yet. Simply type the full name of the object, and by choosing not to select from any matching results, the text ‘New’ appears next to the field:

Submitting the form in this state means that a new Organisation with the name ‘Tasty Sandwiches’ will be created, and the new Person will be linked to them.

The third way to use these fields is when you want to create a new record, but wish to specify more than just the name. When the ‘New’ indicator is displayed, by clicking on the plus sign next to it you can launch a window where you can add more information:

When the popup form is submitted, the field is populated as if you had chosen from a search result; the new Organisation is already saved.

How do I do a ‘mail merge’?

Tactile CRM doesn’t have a built in ‘mail merge’ system, instead it provides the ability to export contact data (organisations and people) so that you can use it in other applications, such as [Open]Office to perform mail merges, or mass emails with your current mail tools.

When will I get billed?

If you are on our Solo plan – never! It’s free for life (assuming you stay within your account limits, otherwise you’ll need to upgrade).

If you sign up for a paid plan your first 30 days is free for the first user. Your credit card will be billed once the 30 day trial period is over and then every 30 days thereafter unless you cancel or downgrade your account to the Solo edition.

If you add new users we will pro-rata charge your credit card for the remaining period until your next billing date.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by Visa or MasterCard

Do you back up our data?

Yes! All data is backed up daily both to our on-site and off-site back-up facilities.

How reliable is Tactile CRM?

Tactile CRM is built upon our tried and tested (and award winning web platform). It is hosted in the scalable Amazon EC2 platform to ensure the service scales with users needs

Is Tactile CRM secure?

All our plans (including our free versions) come with SSL as standard. SSL is used by e-commerce sites, banks, and Tactile CRM to ensure that your data is encrypted when it is sent across the Internet.

Simply make sure you put https:// before your Tactile CRM URL to take advantage of this and you will see the ‘padlock’ in your browser when you are using it.

Do you provide email/phone support?

We currently offer full email support to all plans between 8am and 5pm (UTC) and phone support to paid plans during these times. Email is mostly answered within a couple of hours.

Can you customise Tactile CRM for us?

If you want custom software we can work with you to provide a solution to fit your needs. Tactile CRM is built upon Award Winning framework and although the Tactile CRM code is not available for customisation, we can quickly build applications for you based upon it.

Can we install Tactile on our own server?

This is something we are thinking about. We won’t provide Tactile CRM for download as there is a lot of complex setup required for the reminders, email integration etc. However, we are currently investigating the possibility of a Tactile CRM Appliance Server which you can install on-site. Drop us a line on sales [at] omelett dot es if you are interested.