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Bulk Adding Activities

Tactile CRM allows you to easily add ‘bulk’ items to records. Here we look at how to bulk add an activity against multiple opportunities


Bulk adding activities to Opportunities, Organisations and People is easy. Simply:

  1. Select the records you want the activity to be added against
  2. Choose ‘Add Activity’ from the dropdown that appears at the top
  3. Fill out the details of the activity
  4. Press Save

The activity will then be automatically saved against all the records.

Managing Multiple Contacts On Opportunities

Tactile CRM allows you to easily record multiple contacts against a single opportunity. This can be useful when you are working on an opportunity with a number of different people to try and win a deal.

Adding an additional contact


Adding a new contact against an opportunity is easy:

  1. Click the add link to open the ‘New Related Contact’ window
  2. Fill out the Role/Relationship (examples might be ‘Budget Holder’ or ‘Decision Make’, but you can choose what you want)
  3. Choose if you want to add a person or organisation and then start typing their name to find them in Tactile CRM
  4. Press ‘Save’ and the contact will be added

Deleting a contact


Deleting a contact is easy, simple hover over the contact you want to delete and press the ‘Delete’ link.

How do opportunity ‘weights’ and ‘value’ work

Opportunities are generally used within Tactile CRM to capture details about a piece of work. The value and weight are then used to feed the various [pipeline] reports within Tactile CRM.

Lets say we are trying to sell a car to somebody for £10,000 and we think they are likely to buy it - when adding a new opportunity the best way to think of the value and weight fields are as follows:

  • Value – the total value of the car – in our example £10,000.
  • Weight – this is how likely you think you are to win the opportunity – in our example the person is likely to buy so we’ll say 80%

These values are used elsewhere in Tactile CRM to help build up a picture of your ongoing sales. As we have now set a value and weight, Tactile CRM will tell us for example that the weighted value of the opportunity is £8,000 (£10,000 * 80%).

How to capture web leads directly into Tactile CRM

Tactile CRM has a built in tool for you to easily add a web form to your website so you can capture leads and customer data directly into Tactile CRM. Check out the 30 second video below on how to set it up, or scroll down to see more information:

Setting Up A Web Form

Setting up a web form in Tactile CRM is easy. Login as an admin user, visit the admin section and chose the ‘Configure Tactile CRM Web Form’.

You’ll need to choose which values you want to capture and make sure you tick the ‘Enable Web Form’ box to turn this feature on.

Web Form Setup

Click save and copy the code Tactile CRM gives you into your website and start collecting leads from your website. Check out our website to see a web form in action

What are Opportunities?

Opportunities are an easy way to track sales and potential sales within your organisations.

What do the graphs represent?

There are a variety of graphs and reports which you can choose to display on your dashboard. These include the opportunities you have won (sometimes referred to as closed) over the last 12 months, your current pipeline – open opportunties and those that you have either won or lost in the current month, and many more.

Why don’t my graphs display anything?

The most common reason for no data showing on the graphs is becuase you haven’t associated a cost with them (for the pipeline), or haven’t set up any sales stages as won, or not open in the ‘Admin’ section.

How can I change the “Sales Details” options? (Type, Stage, Source)

Log in as an administrator and click on the ‘Admin’ link in the top right. Chose the ‘Configurable Values’ option and update them.

How do Opportunity Sales Stages work?

You can setup as many sales stages as you like within the ‘Admin’ section, for your graphs to work make sure you have some sales stages with the following (you can call them what you like):

  • Open (Won unticked, Opened ticked)
  • Won (Won ticked, Open unticked)
  • Lost (Won unticked, Open unticked)

How does Opportunity Archiving work with my account limits?

The Solo plan allows a certain number of Opportunities, this counts the total number of unarchived opportunities you currently have and won’t let you add any more when you hit this limit.

Simple view an opportunity and use the ‘Archived’ check box to archive the opportunity and stop it counting towards the limit.

Archived opportunities cannot be edited or added to.

What do the export options mean?

You can export your opportunites as a CSV to run custom reports or to load them into a spread sheet. The following options are available:

  • All Opportunities – this will export the complete list of all opportunities ever added to Tactile. Good for a backup.
  • Open Opportunities – this will export a list of current opportunities that are not set to be closed.
  • My Opportunities – this will export a list of all the opportunities that have been assigned to you.