The Email Dropbox

Tactile CRM is designed to work easily with all mail clients. Each user has their own ‘dropbox’ a unique email address you can forward emails to, or BCC when you send one. The email will then be attached to the correct contact record in Tactile CRM.

Here’s how to use it in more depth. Whenever you click on an email address in Tactile CRM we’ll automatically BCC in your dropbox address, both for the built in Tactile CRM Mail client and when you use your own email client.

If you want to add it to your mail clients address book, or automatically BCC it when you send email or forward all email to it, you can find the dropbox address in the email tab:

Find your Dropbox Address

Opportunities each have their own unique dropbox too so you can use that instead of the main dropbox to attach an email.

Tactile will manage emails as you send them, and forwarded messages as follows:

  1. If you bcc your dropbox when emailing somebody it will attach the email against them
  2. If you forward an email somebody sent you it will attach the email against the original sender
  3. If you forward an email you sent somebody but forgot to bcc originally it will attach it against the person you originally sent it to