Sending email from Tactile CRM

With Tactile CRM Email enabled, whenever you click on an email address a window will open allowing you to send an email to the user.

Sending an Email

As an admin, you can specify sitewide emails that all users can send from ( would be an example of an email you’d want everybody to be able to send from), and turn on and off the ability for users to use their own email addresses. You can also turn off Tactile CRM Mail completely so that email links open your normal email client:

Shared Email Addresses

As an admin you can set up email templates so that users can easily send emails that you regularly use:

Email Templates

Before you can send an email from within Tactile CRM you need to verify your email address, just click the ‘Send Verification Email’ button when you click on any email address (for the first time), we’ll send you a unique link, click it and you’re good to go. If you want to use more than one email address just click on your preferences and you can add more from the email section.

Verify Your Email Address