How do opportunity ‘weights’ and ‘value’ work

Opportunities are generally used within Tactile CRM to capture details about a piece of work. The value and weight are then used to feed the various [pipeline] reports within Tactile CRM.

Lets say we are trying to sell a car to somebody for £10,000 and we think they are likely to buy it - when adding a new opportunity the best way to think of the value and weight fields are as follows:

  • Value – the total value of the car – in our example £10,000.
  • Weight – this is how likely you think you are to win the opportunity – in our example the person is likely to buy so we’ll say 80%

These values are used elsewhere in Tactile CRM to help build up a picture of your ongoing sales. As we have now set a value and weight, Tactile CRM will tell us for example that the weighted value of the opportunity is £8,000 (£10,000 * 80%).