How do permissions on Contacts work?

In Tactile CRM, you can set permissions on Organisations giving access (separately) to ‘Read’ and ‘Edit’ the record.

By default, records you create will be Readable and Editable by Everyone – this means that all users with access to the account.

You can change this to ‘Just Me’ if you want to restrict either Read or Edit rights to only yourself, or you can choose a combination of users and/or ‘Roles’ (groups of users) – by holding ‘Ctrl’ (or the “Apple”/Cmd key) while clicking you can select more than one user/role in the list.

Changing Permissions

Giving access to ‘Edit’ a record will automatically allow the users to see the record, and the owner of the record is always able to see and edit it – even if they set access that would prevent this.

People who are part of a company will have the same permissions as the company. For ‘individuals’ (those not attached to a company) you can decide whether or not they should be ‘Private’. Setting this means only you, the owner of the record, can see or edit the record.